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What is a Root Canal? 

More than 41,000 root canals happen each day. That is more than 15 million every year, and about 15% of Americans avoid receiving dental care because of misconceptions and fears (American Association of Endodontists). So, what is a root canal? A root canal is a procedure that removes the infected pulp in the root of the tooth. This not only alleviates pain from the infected pulp, but also saves the tooth from needing to be extracted. The pulp in the root of a tooth usually becomes infected from untreated cavities that penetrate the inner layers of the tooth. Chips and Cracks in a tooth can lead to tooth decay, which left untreated, would require a root canal in the future. 

Signs you Need a Root Canal 
  • The patient experiences severe tooth pain when pressure is applied, like when chewing. 
  • The patient experiences extended sensitivity to cold/hot temperatures after the temperature source has been removed.  
  • The tooth is darkening. 
  • There is swelling and tenderness around the gums. 

What Happens During a Root Canal? 

As seen by the statistics above, root canals are very common procedure. First, an anesthetic is used to numb the tooth. It will only be a pinch! Then, using a very small drill, the dentist will create a small opening in the top of the tooth to gain access to the infected pulp. Next, the dentist with clear out all the infected pulp and irrigate the canal with water and possibly an antimicrobial solution to clear out any remaining infected pulp. Once cleaned and dried, the whole will be filled up and a crown will be placed on the tooth.  

Root Canal Treatment in Oxford, MS 
If you think you may need a root canal, stop by Lee Family Dentistry in Oxford, MS. They specialize in a variety of dental services like cleanings, root canals, fillings, crowns, restorations, teeth whitening and everything else dental. We understand how busy you are, so we made scheduling easy. Click here to schedule your appointment now or give us a call at (662) 546-1143. 

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