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From children, to those with more life experience, Lee Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxford, MS, offer all the services your family needs. Summer is on the way, a that means it’s time for some amazing vacations with your friends and family. In an article by the New York Post, 57% of Americans are insecure about their teeth. This is just to show you that if you’re insecure, you’re not the only one! We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to help you look and feel your best! One of our most common cosmetic procedures is teeth whitening.  

Common causes of teeth discoloration 
Teeth look yellow when enamel gets stained or when it gets so thin that your dentin shows. Dentin is the material that is inside your tooth and is naturally yellow. The common foods and drinks that commonly stain teeth include berries, coffee, tea, and wines. Other common causes include bad oral hygiene, smoking, and fluorosis. Fluorosis is excess fluoride that can cause yellow spots on teeth.  

Teeth Whitening Options:  
We have many different types of products and techniques to help you achieve the shade you want.
Take Home Strips 
Unlike the Over-the-Counter whitening systems, the whitening strips given to you at the dentist’s office have a higher concentration of the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. The higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide makes it easier to lift the enamel stains. Depending on your desired shade, using the whitening strips are going to take a little longer to take effect.  

In-Office Bleaching 
The benefit of In-Office whitening is that results can be seen after the first session. Unlike whitening strips, the gel is more concentrated and is usually aided by a blue accelerating light. Also, with In-Office whitening you don’t pose the risk of burning your gums as sometimes with whitening strips when you keep them in too long. Although, whitening strips are less expensive than In-Office whitening 

Professional Teeth Whitening in Oxford, MS 
Lee Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Oxford, MS is your one stop shop for all your dental needs! If you are looking for a teeth whitening consultation or solutions please feel free to stop by or schedule an appointment here. You can also give us a call at (662) 546-1143. Hope to see you soon! 

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