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General Dentistry: Are TMD/TMJ The Same Issue?

General Dentistry: Are TMD/TMJ The Same Issue?

When talking with family and friends about jaw pain, you have probably heard the terms TMD and TMJ. The terms may have even been used interchangeably. As similar as the terms sound, it is not surprising that they are often confused. With a little bit of background about what the terms stand for, however, it…

More Frequent Dental Check Ups Necessary During Pregnancy

More Frequent Dental Check-Ups Necessary During Pregnancy

Visiting a dentist is crucial during pregnancy and getting a dental check-up is especially essential. Pregnancy can cause numerous changes to a woman's oral health, so patients who are pregnant need to let their dentist know right away to ensure proper care.Hormonal changes in pregnancy result in women being more susceptible to cavities, gum disease…